3. Corporate Social Responsibility


Integrating environmental concerns into freight transport

An exemplary approach means integrating environmental concerns from start to finish. To reduce its carbon emissions from freight transport, the Group provide sits stakeholders (carriers, partners, employees, etc.) with the TK Blue tool. It allows everyone to track and share their actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 100% of the Group’s carriers are expected to be connected to this tool by 2025.

To transport its spirits from Europe to Asia, Rémy Cointreau is committed to rail transport. In 2019, tests were conducted to replace some air and road transport operations with rail transport, which is more environmentally friendly. Since then, further tests on the transport link between Group's Chinese warehouses have saved around 2 tonnes of CO2 equivalent and reduced some logistics costs.

Building on this approach, the Group is studying sustainable transport methods on each continent spanning rail, sea and road transport and has committed to a programme to optimise container loading.

Integrating environmental concerns into digital flows

The Rémy Cointreau Group also takes care to integrate environmental concerns into commodity and digital flows.

In 2018, Rémy Cointreau introduced the possibility of receiving and processing supplier invoices following a digitised tax process. New tools have been rolled out within the supplier accounting department to enable the receipt and processing of paperless invoices. All suppliers were contacted to notify them and raise awareness of these new document-sharing methods. This reduces invoice sending and processing times.

At Group level, this commitment involves raising employee and stakeholder awareness of digital eco-gestures: unsubscribing from newsletters, emptying the recycle bin, deleting large attachments, providing training in the management of digitised documents, etc. This awareness is promoted through internal communication and dedicated events, such as the IT Green Week in 2019.