2. Manifesto


The ambition of Rémy Cointreau is to become The Leader of Exceptional Products . Exception : "what is rare , singular, not abiding to the rules/out of the box". As the French say: "the exception confirms the rule".

Of course, Rémy Cointreau produces Cognac, Whisky, Gin, Rum… but like no other. "The Botanist" derives the taste from the hills of Islay from the distillate of 22 of the Island’s own plants and spices.

Bruichladdich Distillery initiated single -malt revolution : it's the first whisky of Islay to use only Scottish barley and to coin the phrase "We believe terroir matters". As the producer of Port Charlotte and Octomore, the distillery pushes the Islay appellation to its end.

With its freshness, Cointreau captures the aromas of sweet and bitter orange bark and restores their subtlety and balance, without altering their taste. An ideal found at ion for cocktails, our "Triple-Sec" does not overwhelm other ingredients. To the contrary, it exaggerates flavours and combines them for the ultimate pleasure (taste).