A local responsibility


Today, 80 people work for Bruichladdich Distillery on the Isle of Islay, and many more are hired as farmers, transporters, builders and entrepreneurs. Since the distillery’s resurrection, its management has made decisions placing the local population at the very heart of the business model. Bruichladdich is the island’s largest private employer as a result.  Where the population of Islay was once in decline, with many people leaving the island in search of work, they can now remain in their native land and help it thrive. Bruichladdich Distillery’s sustainability and socio-economic principles have recently been validated by their B Corp certification.


Westland Distillery works in close collaboration with farmers,  maltsters and researchers in the Skagit Valley, north of Seattle. They develop unique barley varietals selected for flavour and viability in sustainable agriculture systems, rather than just for yield. This research not only benefits Westland, but also other distillers, brewers, chefs, farmers and the wider, regional population.


Farmers are vulnerable against the extreme climate of the Alps. They need to have special determination to keep going. In Trièves, this added value is provided through an advanced organic approach,  as envisaged by Frédéric Revol.  In the distillery’s inauguration,  he was able to count on spontaneous support and solidarity in his remote location. In return, he has contributed to the local economic micro-climate. He employs some ten people, in addition to the twelve partner farmers who supply grains to the distillery.