Heritage Booklet 2022



In June 2021, the Telmont House set out its sustainability plan and ambitious environmental goals in its manifesto: "In the name of Mother Nature".


At Telmont terroir is seen as a gift from nature. Respect for this terroir has been handed down through the generations and is deeply anchored in everything the House does. Driven by this conviction, several years ago, it started to gradually convert the estate to organic agriculture. The aim is to convert 100% of all cultivated areas - Telmont Estate vineyards and those of its partner winegrowers - to organic agriculture by 2031 (compared to the 49% currently certified or in conversion).

To promote biodiversity, preserve species diversity and promote sustainable carbon binding, 2,500 shrubs will be planted throughout the estate and "insect hotels" are being installed. The House uses rainwater in its horn manure and silica preparation and employs mating disruption techniques to control pests naturally. It preserves cultivated areas to encourage wildlife and biodiversity, allows grass to grow between the vines to protect soil microbial biodiversity and uses compost instead of chemical fertilisers.