Heritage Booklet 2022




Uncompromisingly convert 100% of the House’s cultivated areas to organic agriculture by 2031 (49% currently certified or in conversion).

#stopgiftboxes #bestpackagingisnopackaging

The bottle and nothing but the bottle. A first in Champagne, Telmont ceased the use and production of all gift boxes to minimise its carbon footprint in June 2021.


Telmont has stopped production of transparent bottles, made from virgin glass for its champagne. All Telmont cuvées will now be bottled in green bottles, which are 100% recyclable and made from 86% recycled glass.


The Telmont Champagne House sources 100% of its electricity from renewable sources.


Zero distribution by air freight since July 2021. Starting in 2024, Telmont champagnes for distribution in the US market will go by Neoline wind-powered sail cargo ships.


Champagne Telmont labels are individually numbered and clearly display all information relating to the composition and winemaking process behind each Telmont cuvée. A first in Champagne.