Heritage Booklet 2021

A few key dates


1650First mention of the word "rum".
1654Planters design what will become the Mount Gay estate and start distilling molasses into rum.
1703The date of the company’s first deed of ownership, making Mount Gay Rum the world’s oldest running rum distillery.
1747John Sober acquires the plantation, which is then called Mount Gilboa.
1773John Sober entrusts the operation of the plantation and distillery to Sir John Gay Alleyne.
1789George Washington orders rum from Barbados to celebrate his election as President of the United States.
1801Death of Sir John Gay Alleyne. As a tribute to his outstanding work, the Sobers renamed the family plantation "Mount Gay".
1910Total solar eclipse visible from Barbados, which inspired the creation of the iconic Mount Gay Eclipse.
1989Rémy Cointreau becomes the owner of the Mount Gay distillery.
1992Launch of Mount Gay Extra Old.
2009Launch of 1703 Master Select.
2015Acquisition of new plantations on the island.
2019Trudiann Branker becomes Master Blender of Mount Gay. She is the first woman to hold this position in Barbados.
2020Launch of the "More Than a Rum" campaign.